The History of Spencer, NC




Spencer's 4th. Street/Yadkin Avenue Project


Is there a reason why Spencer can't seem to finish a job?
After street crew worked several hours the below photos
were taken with pot holes left unfilled.

Only 1/2 of pot holes were filled

Bookmark 94.42  FILLING OPENINGS.
   All openings made in any street or sidewalk under the provisions of this subchapter shall immediately, upon the completion of the work, be filled and the surface thereof made flush with the adjacent surfaces.  Any hard surface, macadam  or asphalt removed shall be replaced by the town at the expense of the applicant granted permission to open the street or sidewalk.
Each day the opening is left unfilled in violation of this section shall constitute a separate offense.
(`94 Code, 13-21)  Penalty, see 94.99



This first photo is 400 block of South Yadkin Avenue. 
This street is only one lane traffic.




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If your on the right track and stay there long
 enough you will get run over